Logging In

If you are using the VCOM System Administration from the same machine VCOM is installed on:
After VCOM Virtual Matrix is installed on the machine, a shortcut will be placed on the desktop called ‘VCOM System Administration.’ Click on the shortcut. A browser window will appear. The VCOM System Administration application can also be accessed by typing ‘localhost’ into the URL box and pressing enter.

If you are using the VCOM System Administration from a different machine:
Open a browser window and type the local IP address of the machine running VCOM into the URL box and press enter.

The default master ‘Login Name’ and ‘Login Password’ are both ‘admin’. Once logged in, credentials can be changed. After logging in you will be prompted to upload a license file. You will be shown your ‘System Identification Code,’ which is a unique value specific to the computer on which the Virtual Matrix was installed. This code must be provided to your sales representative upon initial installation to obtain a license file that enables the Virtual Matrix to support the number of clients purchased. The license file is not transferable to any other computer. When the license file is received, click ‘Upload License’.