System Information

Client Statistics

screenshot of vcom system administration client statistics menu

Client Statistics: Displays individual send and receive audio and packet loss statistics for all client connections.

Click the ‘Reset Statistics’ button in the upper, left-hand corner to reset all client statistics or highlight a user or device and then click ‘Reset Statistics’ to reset the statistics of an individual user or device.

Select ‘Show Unused Clients’ to display users and devices programmed for your system but that are off-line.

Click the ‘Column Legend’ button in the upper, left-hand side of the ‘Client Statistics’ page to display the legend.

SIP Registrations

Displays all VCOM SIP registrations including user names, address of record, and contact detail.


screenshot of vcom system administration geolocation menu

Displays the approximate locations of clients on the system. For VCOM Control Panel clients on Android and iOS, this is based on GPS information if the required permission is granted for the app. Location is determined based on IP address for all other clients types.

Activity Log

screenshot of vcom system administration activity log

During system operation the logging feature displays a time-stamped entry for each client connection/disconnection and key changes.