TURN Server Provisioning

The open-source TURN server called Coturn is highly recommended as the TURN server to be installed, if a TURN server is required, although likely any TURN server can be used. Following are the requirements and setup instructions for the Coturn TURN server.

Minimum Server Requirements

Operating System: Linux (recommend Ubuntu 18.3 or higher)
CPU Requirements: 2 vCPUs
Network bandwidth required per client: 100 Kbps (aka 1000 clients per 100 Mbps of bandwidth)
Approximate Clients per vCPU: 100

Software Installation

Once the cloud-based server has been provisioned, access the server via SSH (Secure Shell). To install the server, perform the following steps:

Install the Coturn Software
1. Run sudo apt-get update.
2. Run sudo apt-get upgrade.
3. Run sudo apt-get install coturn.

Download and Install the Configuration File
4. Preserve the default Coturn configuration file by running mv /etc/turnserver.conf /etc/turnserver.conf.original.
5. Download the preconfigured ‘turnserver.conf’ configuration here.

By default, the Coturn server will be accessible on the default TURN port # of 3478 with a Username of ‘intracom’ and Password of ‘vcom’. If a different port #, Username or Password is desired, these items can be changed in this configuration file.

6. Using the SCP (Secure Copy) protocol of SSH, or any other applicable method, copy the pre-configured ‘turnserver.conf’ configuration file to the /etc directory.

Start the Server
7. Run systemctl start coturn to start the server.

Connect the Coturn Server to the VCOM Server
8. To have the VCOM server use the newly provisioned TURN server, login to the System Administration and from the System → System Settings dialog, change the ICE Server Host Name to
'turn:<TURN_SERVER_HOST_NAME>:<TURN_SERVER_PORT_NUMBER>’ and configure the ICE Server User Name and ICE Server Password as appropriate.